Driver Information

  • August 6, 2022 is setting up to be our best Mud Bog to date.
  • The Grandview Kinsmen Mud Bog is not part of any official circuit or professional association. This is a straight up private cash event.
  • Driver registration is 10:00am to 12:00pm through the Drivers’ Entrance to Wilson Park at Railway Avenue North and Mill Street.  There will be a table and inspectors setup and we should have volunteers directing traffic from Main Street.
  • Reminder, all public access to Wilson Park will be through the northern Campground Gate to avoid traffic issues.
  • Please don’t all show up at 12:00pm, since it makes for a traffic mess and delays the event.  Give yourself some time to stage.
  • Drivers will be able to stage outside the park and in the museum area as directed by the inspectors and pit crew.
  • No outside alcohol allowed in the event.  Security will be removing any alcohol found in the vehicles at registration.  You have been warned!
  • If the driver (and only the driver, not your pit team, girlfriend, and uncle Frankie that tagged along) does not have a weekend pass, they will be given  one free of charge as part of the entertainment.  If the driver already has a pass, there wil NOT be a discount on the entry fee since they likely enjoyed some awesome entertainment on Friday nightthat was well worth $10. ***this is due to massively increased costs since 2019 and the pandemic, and the event is already being heavily subsidized by Grandview Homecoming and Grandview Municipality.
  • Only one entry per vehicle per class, but you can have a different driver for each of the two runs if both sign waivers.  All drivers must sign waivers and abide by the rules, or you will be disqualified without refund.We’ve never had an issue, so let’s keep it that way!
  • Drivers must be 18+ and wear helmets and seat belts.  No passengers – this is a safety consideration and is required for our insurance.
  • There will be vehicle inspections for all classes.  Inspections can be appealed to pit boss, but his desicion is FINAL. Any missed items in the rules will be up to the inspector or pit boss.  Again, we haven’t had any major issues among drivers, you have all been great over the past 5 events, so let’s keep it that way!
  • Vehicles may be entered into multiple classes if they change tires, etc. (“classing-up,”  entry fee must be paid of each class), however if we end up with too many vehicles, the pit boss may limit each vehicle to a single class of the driver’s choice.
  • Vehicles must have a mounting point for clevis to be towed back out fo the pit if you do not make it through.  If you get stuck, you will have an allotted time to get unstuck.  Once horn blows or you are waived off, shut your engine down and the pit crew will hook up and pull you out.  Don’t ruin the pit for other drivers (or your next run for that matter)!
  • Competion runs only, no free running.  No additional classes (Powderpuff, etc.), just what is listed on the Classes & Prizes page.
  • It should go without say, but all vehicles must be safeto run through the pit!
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