Class Entry Fee 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Criteria
Snowmobile $30 $150 N/A N/A Fastest Run
Side by Side $30 $250 N/A N/A Fastest Run
Quads 600cc & under $30 $300 $200 $100 Engine 600cc & under
Quad > 600cc $35 $500 $250 $150 Engine over 600cc
Stock Truck $40 $600 $300 $200 Max 33" DOT approved tires (no cut tires), frame and body matching, factory suspension (2.5" level kit allowed), factory powertrain (no engine mods, no welded diffs, etc.)
Super Stock $45 $750 $500 $250 Max 35" DOT approved tires (no cut tire), frame and body matching (and no altered frames or bodies), factory powertrain (3 bolt on to engine, intake headers carb), no superchargers or blowers (unless vehicle is stocked with it ei. diesel), max 6" lift, no alcohol or nitrous
Modified $50 $1000 $750 $500 Max 40" DOT approved tires (no cut tires), no tube frame vehicles, no tracked vehicles, alcohol only (no nitrous), no limit on suspension and body lift, engine mods allowed
*****vehicle must be safe*****
Open $60 $1500 $1000 $750 Anything goes! *****vehicle must be safe!*****
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